AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - This restaurant looks like something straight out of a movie and that’s kind of the point. For three years now, Craft & Vine in downtown Augusta has transformed into a holiday hot spot, during the month of December.

The walls are filled with wrapped presents, ornaments and holiday lights. Hospitality Manager for the Frog Hollow Group, Nicholas Marmino, says it took, “Three days of decorating and we got it done.” Marmino adds, “To see this restaurant, transform...Some of the best compliments that make us feel great about what we do is guests will come in and ask who did your decorations…we did.”

Marmino says it’s a lot of work on their off days but, “Watching guests walk in the door and seeing their eyes light up at how top to bottom, walls covered everything makes it all worth it.

He adds," Nobody else does it quite to the level that we do. We saw an opportunity here and I think we’ve stolen it.”

Bar manager, Benjamin Evans, says it’s like a gift for the city, “Craft & Vine has always wanted to do something special for Augusta.” Evans says, “We’re really only one of the places that really wants to go all out for the city of Augusta.”

The décor isn’t the only thing that’s festive they have an entire food and drink menu dedicated to the theme. 

Evans along with another bar manager crafted together the drink menu. “I’d say the sleigh all day is probably the most popular drink, ”says Evans. Evans explains the drink, “It’s kind of a take on a Tom Collins. We do a little bit of St. Germain in there, along with a pear syrup and some lemon juice, it’s pretty good.”

If you’ve gone to their Christmas Theme before you may want to check it out again, their special menu is entirely different. With their different take on holiday favorites they hope to be a quick getaway for you.

Evans says, “The holidays can be stressful for a lot of people. It could be harder than easier and I think doing stuff like this kind of gives people a feeling they can go somewhere, have a good time and forget about the things that they have to do.”

For December only, Craft & Vine will be open on Tuesdays in addition to Wednesday-Saturday. 

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