This is day 23 of No Shave November. It's a month to raise awareness about men's health issues, from prostate cancer to diabetes
to cardiovascular disease.

Another main priority? Enforcing the importance of healthy habits. We talked to Dr. Joseph Hobbs, the Chair Emeritus of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Hobbs says lifestyle changes shouldn't be presented like they're a punishment. Instead, frame them up as a way to live a longer and better life!

"To do this not in a way that is judgmental but more in a way that we're letting them know that we're talking about them from a standpoint of them being around as long as they possibly can and as healthy as they possibly can."

Dr. Hobbs says, you can extend a loved one's life by making sure they follow through on yearly physicals and they get tested for prostate, colon and other cancers.