AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - During "No Shave November", many people grow out their facial hair and try to raise money for groups that fight cancer. The other main goal is encouraging your loved ones to visit the doctor for regular checkups. FOX54 Chief Meteorologist Jay Jefferies says a test in August of last year helped to save his life. 

“The bad news is that I have prostate cancer. My levels were extremely high. The good news is, they detected it early.”

Thanks to new laser technology, excellent medical care, and multiple visits, Jay was cancer free by mid-January of this year. However, that wouldn’t be the case if he didn’t ask for his doctor to run the PSA test that found his prostate cancer.

Jay told us, “Sometimes when you get the detection, it’s spread over your body. And it’s too late to catch it. And now, you get into that dangerous stage. And that’s why we do this No Shave November. Because we want to get early detection.”

Early detection. Jay says that was the key to making sure he is a cancer survivor. For everyone who uses a lot of energy trying to avoid doctor’s visits and medical tests, Jay has this message for you. “The message is, put away your fear and go get checked out! Because early detection is the most important thing. You don’t want to get news that, okay, it’s too late."

Jay will have to follow up with his doctor to make sure he continues to be cancer free. He says he's determined to do just that and urges everyone reading this to do the same.

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