Columbia County, Ga (WFXG) - Four teams squared off for their spot in the NJCAA Championship game at Blanchard Park. Tenth-seed Salt Lake Community College faced off against first-seed Tyler Junior college and ninth-seed Iowa Western against seventh-seed Eastern Florida State.

Folks traveled from all over to support their perspective teams. Annette Uranga traveled from Texas to watch her niece play.

"She does things that I've never seen other girls do." Says Annette Uranga. 

Neither team scored in regulation play in the game between Salt Lake and Tyler. This showdown led to two overtime and a penalty kick-off for the win. Salt Lake won the kick-off 4-3 and they were able to place their name on the bracket board. 

"You can just see the commitment, hunger, and desire..." says Cassie Ulrich, Salt Lake Head Coach.

Easter Florida State, who was the defending national champion, lost their spot in the championship game to Iowa Western. With an ending score of 4 - 2. 

Eastern Florida and Salt Lake will be competing in the championship game on Saturday at 4 pm, at Blanchard Park.