BURKE COUNTY, Ga. - When people think of lineage or a family business, names like Rockefeller or Vanderbilt or often brought up.  

But in the CSRA, when talking about family business the name Vinson runs deep in history.

Burke County Sheriff's Deputy Nicholas Vinson has been patrolling the streets for two years, but the job is in his bloodline. 

"My father, he's been doing it since I was little," Vinson said. "His grandfather and my granddad so I'm fourth generation."  

Growing up, Vinson thought his dad, who now serves as a Major at Burke County, was a super hero.

Vinson said, " He just seemed indestructible." 

But Deputy Vinson almost did not keep the family business alive. 

"It was really one of my brothers who was supposed to be the cop growing up," Vinson said. "I never wanted to do it."

However, he kept the tradition, and now there could be a fifth generation entering the family business.  

"The most I can do for my son is give him all the tools and teach him how to be a man," Vinson said. "Just let him make his own decisions from. there."

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