Will Schick moved around a lot as a kid, originally from California, but he was well traveled.

Schick's family had a love and respect for the men and women in uniform.

So after college, Schick called a Marine recruiter and thought he would hear welcome to the few, the proud.  

Instead, Schick heard, "They're like we don't think you're strong enough," Schick said.  

But that didn't put an end to his dream.

Schick said, "That really got under my skin and I felt like I have to prove to these folks, that of course I can do this."

11 years later, Schick was a Major in the Marines and responsible for protecting the Afghan people.  

However, after the wear and tear of deployments, Schick needed a change.  

"I just felt like I couldn't keep going, Schick said." 

Now Schick is the editor for Street Sense Media in the Nation's Capitol. 

"I think there's a public aspect to journalism."