AUGUSTA, Ga. - When people enlist in the Army, they know what Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS they are signing up for.  

However, the Army has always had the saying, "Needs of the Army."

That's exactly how Specialist Alexander Cortez found himself when he was assigned to Fort Gordon.

Like most people at Fort Gordon, Cortez enlisted to be a signal professional.

"When I got here, they said I would be doing supply," Cortez said.

Certainly an unexpected turn of events.  But Cortez embraced it.

Cortez said, "I learned the keep the orderly room in order and work closely with the commander."

Cortez took on the new role and made important changes to policies and  procedures.  

“I got a FORSCOM award in excellence of safety," Cortez said.

One of the highest awards from the Army's largest command group.