EVANS, Ga. (WFXG) - A local woman hopes to share her passion for baking with you at her shop Arie's Confectioneries. 

Arielle Page, owner of Arie's Confectionaries, says, “It’s chef’s kiss delicious.”

Her shop is dedicated to bite sized cheesecakes. Page says that makes her store one of a kind.

Page says, “When you come in here, it’s a whole experience, from the vibe you get when you walk inside to the customer service to the cheesecake. The cheesecake is all made from scratch they’re all artisan style. The toppings are made from scratch so you really do get that delicious taste when you taste our cheesecake.”

The reason she chose to do bite-sized may surprise you. “I’m not a big sweets eater I know that’s crazy to think about but I don’t eat a lot at once so the bite-sized minis that we specialize in was the perfect choice,” says Page.

Arie's Confectionaries carries 14 different flavors. “The most popular flavor is the red velvet cheesecake. So you get red velvet cake on the bottom, classic vanilla cheesecake on top,” says Page.

The roots of her business are passion, “I’ve always wanted to bake. I’ve always had the passion to bake. Once I found out that you could make money baking I looked into culinary schools.”

Page was working in Atlanta when everyone’s life flipped upside down.
“The pandemic brought me back home. I realized there wasn’t a cheesecake focused bakery in Augusta so I started Arie’s confectionaries.”

She started at the Augusta market every Saturday, now she has her store front in Evans. She says the market allowed her to make connections in the community. Page says, “Everyone has been so supportive the word of mouth itself has been amazing.”

Page says, “It’s very important to support local there’s a lot of us out here and if you only stick to one chain or big box company, you don’t really get to talk to people that are right next to you.”

If you want to stop by you better hurry, Page says the response has been, “Way bigger than I could’ve ever imagined we sell out almost every single day.”

Arie’s confectionaries is located at 1202 Town Park Lane Suite 106. They’re open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm.