BURKE COUNTY, Ga. - Burke County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Young always wanted to be a law enforcement professional.

After serving in the Marines, Young joined the Richmond County Sheriff's office as a jailer, then a road deputy.

Young eventually became a Waynesboro Police officer, but made a change in life.

"I left law enforcement in 2014," Young said.

Young said he left because he felt being around family was more important.

Young began working as a contractor at Plant Votgle, but something was missing.

Young said, "The money was great, but in the meantime, you feel like you're dying on the inside." 

Deputy Young said he felt like he was missing out on his happiness.

"There's a lot to be said about peace and happiness," Young said. "And being able to believe in what you do."

After seven years of living without his happiness, Young returned to law enforcement.  It's a career Young said is a calling from a higher power.

"I believe that God has put it in my heart that this is what he wants me to do," Young said.  "My job is to do the best I can do and to serve the people that I come in contact with, as well as serving him in the process."