EAT.PLAY.GO. to Wild Sugar

September 19th, 3:43 AM EDT

EVANS, Ga. (WFXG) - Frozen yogurt, cupcakes, and other sweet treats can be found at Wild Sugar in Evans. 

Haley Smallwood, Owner of Wild Sugar, says Wild Sugar is a dessert shop, “We have soft-serve, we have frozen yogurt, the fudge, dibble cookie dough was already here and then I added a few little things the cupcakes  that are here now.”

Smallwood says her business is all about the family, “We are very family-run I know there are a few other places that are family-run.”

"I have lived in Evans basically my entire life or the CSRA, my entire life,” says Smallwood.  Growing up, she says she doesn’t remember a ton of places where she could go to hang out and enjoy a treat. But she hopes to change that, she says, "We're really trying to build a sense of community here."

Wild sugar is located at 4324 Washington Road in Evans.

Smallwood adds, “We try to make sure every person that walks through our doors has a unique and you know a positive experience.”

Wild Sugar opens every day at noon.

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