AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Augusta University Health has settled with its former Chief Nursing Officer Laura Brower. 

FOX54 first broke news of Brower's departure from the organization earlier this year. At the time, Brower's separation agreement listed the reason for her departure as "gross negligence." 

Settlement documents obtained by FOX54 show AU changed the reason for her termination to "resignation."

The hospital also will provide 12 months of salary continuation, doubling the hospital's initial six month severance.  Augusta University has also agreed to pay Brower's attorneys' fees up to $10,000. 

The hospital did not make any concessions about the validity of prior statements in the settlement. 

In a statement regarding the settlement, a spokesperson tells FOX54 "AU Health is legally unable to discuss a settlement agreement with Ms. Brower. We acknowledge Ms. Brower for her service to the organization."

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