BURKE COUNTY, Ga. - Trentin Edgemon has been a deputy with the Burke County Sheriff's Office for three years.  

Before getting into law enforcement, Edgemon was working retail in North Carolina.  

However, he know that serving is what he really wanted to do.  Edgemon tried for the Air Force, but a medical condition prevented him from serving his country.

Edgemon enrolled in a police academy in North Carolina, where he planned to enter his career in protecting and serving.  However, his girlfriend moved to Georgia to be closer to family and so Edgemon followed.

Shortly after, Edgemon became a jailer at the Burke County jail.  Edgemon says that's where he learned the biggest lesson of being in law enforcement.

"You got to learn to treat people with respect," Edgemon said. "You can't talk to anybody how you want."

Edgemon is on the fast track in his career.  Now he is in patrol and also a member of the Special Response Team, or SRT.  

Edgemon says being in law enforcement is much more than kicking down doors during standoffs.  

Edgemon says "If I do this for the rest of my life and I help one person, it'll probably be worth it." "They might touch ten people, so in effect I'm helping eleven.