AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) -  For the first time, international teams flew into Augusta for a Capture the Flag event at the Georgia Cyber Center. Parsons hosted the event put on by AFCEA as a part of the TechNet Augusta conference. 

For cyber experts, capture the flag is a little different than what you may expect. 

"The capture the flag event works as a jeopardy style event. Students, military members come in, test their knowledge on various topics depending upon the topic and difficulty level, that’s where the points are awarded.” said Tom Barnes, Parsons Vice President of Captured Management.

During this event, participants practice skills they can use later to defend.

"The primary thing they’re doing is learning skills to harden their networks and prevent people from getting into them.” said Barnes.

It also gives an opportunity to connect before a cyber attack happens.

"If there ever is an incident, where you know, we have to get together with our Italian counterparts to do some type of cybersecurity or response, it’s not the first time we’ve worked with them.” said Barnes.

Some teams crossed the Atlantic to be there. For Major Davide Tornese, it’s not an opportunity taken lightly.

"You feel honored to be here. Firstly, because you can represent your country...So you have Italian army, you have your sign on the shoulder, so it's an honor to be here." said Major Davide Tornese. 

Maj. Tornese also feels grateful to work with international teams.

"It's a great opportunity to see fellow allies and you know maybe with some of them you already worked with them or will in the future." said Major Tornese.

He also says this won’t be the last time.

"We really like to be here with our fellow allies and the American army of course, and maybe grow with more team experiences.” said Major Tornese.

Parsons knows the competition impact can reach all of us.

"If we don’t have people like that sitting behind me, working on cybersecurity every day, it just leaves us vulnerable when we are at our homes and at work.” said Barnes.

A Canadian team won this year’s event. Taiwan came in second place and a United States team finished third. To learn more about this year's TechNet conference, follow this link.

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