AIKEN, S.C. (WFXG) - For Steve Baker and his wife, The Village Café in Aiken is pretty much a part of their daily routine. Baker says, “We come a lot we really do. We’re more than regulars I would say. My wife and I both love coming here...most of them call us by our name now.”

Jason Tufts, the general manager of the café, says that’s the idea, “Village Café is just your local cute, quaint little coffee shop. We like to purchase and produce everything as hyper local as possible.”

The café opened about five years ago, Tufts says the key to their great tasting food is how crisp their ingredients are. Tufts says, “It’s all about what’s in season. We’re big on seasonal we’re big on fresh...We get our milk straight out of Edgefield Hickory Hill milk is the best..."

Not only is Tufts the general manager but he’s a classically trained chef. Tufts says, “I make pastrami from scratch every week.” 

Another menu highlight, “We’re kind of known for our breakfast bagel sandwiches. It’s two eggs, cheese, your choice of meat. This is featuring our Boar’s Head bacon on an everything bagel, ”says Tufts. They get their bagels from the Bronx for an authentic feel.

Another item that gets a lot of praise, “Blueberry muffins, cranberry-orange muffins and banana walnut muffins...everything from scratch in house every morning, all fresh ingredients nothing dried just all fresh ingredients, ”says Tufts.

Regular Steve Baker says, “Every once in a while I’ll break down and have one of their world famous muffins. They are so good.”

Baker continues, “It’s about the food for sure but one of the reasons we really like coming here are because the people, Jason and the employees here they’re always so friendly.”

Tufts says, “The customers speak for themselves they’re here all the time we’ve got locals I was speaking to one just a little bit of go and she make sure she tells everybody how she they should come here we got the breast brunch the best food so I appreciate that.”

And Baker agrees, “The people really make this place what it is.”

Tufts says that’s not the only reason he hopes you’ll stop by, “Support local and not only that we really take pride in what we do everything we is quality and I spoke again, I can’t speak enough to all of the farmers that we try to help out and support and do our part as a community place.”

The Café also makes their own gelato.

Village Café is located at 110 Coach Light Way SW in Aiken. They open at 7:30am Monday through Saturday and at 10am on Sundays.

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