MCDUFFIE COUNTY, Ga. (WFXG) - The McDuffie County animal shelter is temporarily closed after an investigation lead to the suspension of employees and a request for a more in-depth inspection.

Recently, accusations against the shelter's practices led the County to conduct an investigation into its Animal Services Department. As a result of that investigation the supervising veterinarian has resigned his position and the County has suspended both shelter employees.

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The County has requested that the Georgia Department of Agriculture perform a full inspection of the shelter to cite any issues and make recommendations for the facility's future. The shelter will remain closed while the investigation is ongoing, however the County will not be able to reopen it until a new supervising veterinarian is in place.

The County will notify the public when they plan to reopen the shelter. If you have any issues related to animal services, contact [email protected] or call 706-595-1781.

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