EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Bon Air Apartments fail latest HUD inspection

August 2nd, 10:53 PM EDT

One of the main items in this response is the score from the most recent HUD evaluation completed June 14, 2022. According to the letter, the property failed the inspection with a score of 55c. According to the HUD response, 17 points were deducted by an inspector for problems on the outside of the building. The letter in full can be read below.


The letter also addresses what should happen next for Bon Air Apartments.

District Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight says she's disappointed regarding the HUD inspection findings. 

“Where I come from, that is a big fat F. Failure. Unacceptable. It does not need to be tolerated. You know, the days of shape up ship out, I think they’ve had plenty of time, and I just don’t see anything being done.” said Smith McKnight.

Redwood Housing will appeal the score pursuant to REAC, or HUD Real Estate Assessment Center, protocol. The Office of Multifamily Housing Southeast Regional staff will require corrective action by the owner to bring the property into compliance. 

Since FOX54’s last visit, Redwood says it has installed 110 security cameras and a swipe card system. However, there are still items that need attention. Some of those include air conditioning, long-term restoration of the exterior and roaches. Redwood says these remaining issues will be addressed. Below is a Quarter Two update sent to FOX54 from Redwood Housing.


Meantime, in the HUD response, Redwood says it will invest more money if the Low Income Housing Tax Credits don’t come through. It’s a competitive program, which means that funding is not guaranteed. If it is awarded, extensive renovation could begin in 2023. The letter also indicates Redwood “has no plans to locate other investors or sell the property.”

We are grateful to HUD for its responsiveness as we work together to ensure the residents of our district have access to safe and secure housing.” said Congressman Rick Allen.

"The proof is in the pudding. Look at the score. Look what’s come back!” said Smith McKnight.

HUD inspection scores barely passed the minimum score of 60 from 2013 until 2019. In 2019, the score jumped more than 20 points. These scores were determined while a previous owner was responsible for the property. Redwood Housing purchased the Bon Air Apartments in 2021 for $15.25M. 

Previously, FOX54 asked HUD about the score variation in regard to tenant concerns.


A HUD representative shared the following statement:

Regarding the inspection score difference between the 2017 score of 69 and the 2019 score of 98, the variance was attributable to the Owner/Agent making significant investment/improvements to the property.  As part of REAC policy, whenever there is a significant score change, as in this case, we conducted an internal quality control review.  Take away, the property had improved and was confirmed by the Multifamily Representative.

Again, the current score is 55c.

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Additional inspections are expected for Bon Air Apartments, including a Management and Occupancy Review. HUD says it will happen later this year. Congressman Allen has also requested an on-site visit of the property with HUD. Plus, FOX54 has asked to be present when it happens. 

Copyright 2022 WFXG. All rights reserved. 

Copyright 2022 WFXG. All rights reserved.