DETROIT, MI (WJBK) - A Detroit man was so upset about someone blocking his driveway with their car, he started shooting. Police say, eight people were shot. Two people are dead. Tonight, that man is in custody.

Police say, the man started firing from his home after seeing his blocked driveway. Detroit Police Chief James White says his officers responded to the scene in record time.

"The officers went into the home looking for the suspect, entered the home legally looking for the suspect, because we had information that the suspect has shot from this home. The information that we have is that he shot from the second floor as well as the first floor. They go inside the home. Uh, the... they identify the suspect, who was in the home in the dark. Ultimately, he gave himself up. They took him into custody without incident. However, they recovered 11 weapons, again, 11 weapons from this home that were strategically placed throughout the home so, as he moved through the home, uh, he would have access to these weapons."

Chief White says, the murder suspect has a military background. Police were very busy in Detroit this past weekend since there were seven confirmed shootings in the city. At least, seven people were killed in those shootings in Detroit.

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