Suspended Augusta Commissioner Sammie Sias found guilty

July 29th, 6:57 PM EDT

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - A decision has been reached in the trail of suspended Richmond County Commissioner Sammie Sias. Friday night, the jury found Sias guilty of lying to investigators and destroying records.

Day four began with Sias's defense team calling witnesses to the stand. First up was Augusta Recreation Director Maurice McDowell. He testified he never saw any receipts for SPLOST project, saying Sias told him he "did not feel compelled to provide receipts."

When Sias took the stand, he testified there was no way he could have given FBI agents documents from twenty years ago and that he "doesn't have official documents." He also testified that he didn't keep original receipts or invoices and that the invoices he provided to the City of Augusta were created by him in Microsoft Word. The Prosecution disagreed, claiming the real invoices did exist on Sias' computer and were among the 7,400 files Sias allegedly deleted after meeting with FBI agents.

The Defense closed, arguing that deleting files does not constitute as destroying or concealing evidence. Defense also says that because the FBI was able to recover the deleted files, they weren't technically destroyed.

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