AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Frog Hollow Hospitality hopes to have another hit restaurant. They opened TacoCat earlier this month. Some of Frog Hollow Hospitality Groups restaurants are Pho-Ramen’L, FarmHaus, Frog Hollow Tavern and more. 

Adam Toomey, TacoCat's bar manager, says TacoCat is, “tacos and tequila.”

Breannah Newton, Frog hollow hospitality director of operations, describes the restaurant, “TacoCat is a really fun place that we’ve had in development for quite a few years now.”
It’s located on Tenth street in downtown Augusta.

Newton explains the concept, “it was built in what used to be an auto detailing place so we kept the garage doors so when those are open it very much open vibe.

She adds, “the design was done by Jennifer Krapp she was our restaurant consultant we were going for more of a seventies feel since we are attached to Pho-Ramen’L ,which has more of an 80s vibe.”

Since the main focus of the restaurant is tacos and tequila, a lot of detail went into the different types of tequila drinks. Toomey says, “We’re mainly focused primarily on small Mexican owned distilleries we do have a few celebrity tequilas.”

Their menu includes five signature margaritas. Toomey explains, “we have our signature margarita which is a blend of blanco tequila, key and Persian lime juices, agave nectar and salt that’s it.”

In addition to the drinks, “The tacos are awesome they compliment the tequila drinks very well. It’s just a good place to have fun…tacos and tequilas, ”says Toomey.

Newton says, “our tortillas are made fresh in-house elevated street food and we hope people will try our interpretation of it.”

TacoCat is opens at 5 pm on Wednesday through Saturday.


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