Lights, camera, Augusta! One filmmaker has created three film projects locally, and The Augusta Film Commission hopes many more will follow.


According to film producer Warren Ostergard, “the plan is to bring more movies to Augusta.”


Ostergard says he has found everything he needs to create cinematic art right here in the Garden City. That’s why his recent release The Royal, as well as his two other films, The Hill starting Dennis Quaid and Agent Game, starring Mel Gibson, have all been filmed here. “Augusta proved to be a great place to work,” he said, upon evaluation of his first project in the CSRA. “There’s an ease to life here that you can’t find in other big production cities.”


Thanks to an income tax credit awarded to film and television productions in the Peach State, Jennifer Bowen of Film Augusta, The Augusta Film Commission says, we can expect to see more film projects, and the financial impact involved, coming our way. Bowen says The Royal brought about $600,000 to Augusta. That money is a widespread investment in the community.


“[The investment] was going to employ locals in the film industry crew. [Filmmakers] were staying in our local hotels, so many hotel room nights, which support jobs. They were paying sales tax and lodging tax, bringing in catering. So it is a wonderful economic impact and it has a multiplyer, trickle down effect for the community,” explains Bowen.


Bowen says bringing lucrative film projects to Augusta is a growing effort.


“It’s really been growing over the last several years. Last year we had four feature films shot in Augusta. In 2019 we also had four feature films.”


While Ostergard says he plans to make more films in Augusta, Bowen says the next film made in the city is called Christmas Party Crashers, premiering later this year.


Augusta film fans can watch The Royal on streaming platforms and in select theaters.


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