COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WFXG) - The Columbia County Board of Education has approved a reduction in the millage rate.

The BOE unanimously agreed to reduce the rate from 18.1 to 17.35 mills, its lowest point since 2012. This is the second year in a row the board has approved lowering the millage rate. The lower rate means Columbia County residents will pay lower property taxes.

From the Board of Education:

The Columbia County Board of Education approved the fiscal year 2023 budget during the May 24, 2022 Board meeting. The approved budget included a 5.0% growth estimate in local property tax revenue.

This estimate is the result of the Columbia County Tax Assessor’s annual revaluation of all taxable property in the county. Due to an overall increase in the digest, the Columbia County Board of Education decided to approve a reduction in the millage rate, providing a savings for property owners.

When a property’s value is adjusted up by the Tax Assessor, it results in an increase in property taxes. When it is adjusted down, it results in a decrease in taxes. Individual property values are adjusted up or down at different rates depending on the market. Assuming the same millage rate, a property that is not assessed a higher value will see a decrease in taxes based on this reduced rate.

The Board of Education meets throughout the month of July to set a millage rate to fund the FY 2023 budget, and the budget’s primary sources of revenue come from state funding and local tax dollars. The Columbia County School District’s FY 2023 budget provides resources to accommodate a growing student population, which is forecast to add over 600 new students next year with enrollment projected to reach more than 29,000 students in the 2022-2023 school year. In addition, teaching and learning are the central focus of the school district’s budget, with 84% of the General Fund budget targeted for school-based instructional and student support services.

These valuable dollars are utilized in a fiscally conservative manner while ensuring a high- quality education. The Columbia County School District works diligently to engage, enrich, and inspire students every day. We are proud to support the Columbia County community’s dedication to ensuring maximum success for each student in a safe and positive environment.

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