AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Artificial intelligence technology can be found in many of our devices, like smart locks or virtual reality. But IntelliSystems says there’s another device that can leave you vulnerable without AI capabilities. 

You may think cybersecurity is limited to your indoor devices. However, IntelliSystems says your security camera could also be a point of entry for cybercriminals.

"When we think about compliance and security it doesn’t all happen on computer.” said Kevin Wade, IntelliSystems CEO. 

You trust your security camera to keep a watchful eye on surroundings. While this camera may give some pause, IntelliSystems says this likely won't stop bad actors from trying to reach your data.

"They are network security hazards as well because not a lot of people spend time patching DVRs and they are connected to the internet in a lot of cases. If you’re not paying attention that little box sitting in the corner in your business, then that DVR could be sitting there accepting access into your internet or your network from these criminals.” said Wade.

IntelliSystems CEO Kevin Wade believes artificial intelligence cameras may offer a solution.

"Through AI-enhanced security cameras, we get rid of the DVR, the memory is all on the camera and then it syncs up to the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere. So, it’s out of reach to the cybercriminal.” said Wade.

AI-enhanced security cameras also do things a traditional one cannot, such as detecting specific visuals. 

"If you wanted to see every person that walked in the door with a green shirt at your business, its going to bring up that clip with the person in the green shirt walking in.” said Wade.

Plus, some even detect things you can’t see, like air quality.

"We can even sense for things like vapes, marijuana, or smoking or CO2.” said Wade.

Wade says it’s a method of protecting your information in a way that you may not always be able to do yourself.

"Bottom line, people can’t be everywhere all the time.”

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