AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Munchies Lab opens its doors Wednesday in downtown Augusta.

The owners of El Rey in Martinez and Grovetown wanted to try something new. Ramiro Galvin, Munchies Lab owner, says, "I love food, I love cooking and I always wanted to do something different...Something with a wow factor.”

Inside the restaurant there's a mural with food greats Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain and more. Under the mural there's a quote from Bourdain that reads, "Your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride."

Galvin hopes his customers will enjoy the ride with his wild combinations of sushi burritos, hot dogs and for dessert over the top waffles. Galvin says, “Creating the menu was hard just because I had so many ideas in my head that I wanted to bring.”

He adds he also wanted to create something for less adventurous customers too. But if you want to venture out, “The plan is to actually change our menus at least twice a year if not more often…Whatever is trending on Facebook, Instagram we’re going to try to duplicate it, bring it over and add our own touch,” says Galvin. 

Galvin adds, “One of my favorites is actually a pickle on the sushi roll, deep fry it, throw some hot cheetos on top. It’s actually really, really good. It’s like sweet spicy different."

Munchies Lab is located at 1022 Walton Way. They're open Monday- Saturday 10am - 4pm.

DISCLAIMER: This eatery does serve menu items with adult themes.

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