AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - A familiar restaurant in downtown Augusta is getting ready to open a new location just down the street from where it’s been for years. Mellow Mushroom is putting the finishing touches on its new location at 1102 Broad Street. 

Shawn Ledford is the franchise owner for the locations in the CSRA and he says they have been working for this moment for about a year. 

“It’s going to be a new, modern, sophisticated, more room mellow mushroom,” he says. 

Mellow Mushroom’s current downtown location, just down the street from the new one, will close its doors on July 10. About a week later the new one will officially open its doors.

“One of the biggest benefits of opening this store is already having a staff. We’ve had a staff, an established staff, so coming over here with that makes it easy. We’ll be serving up the same food, the same menu as always,” Ledford says. 

One thing that will be different at this location is new seating options and technology. Part of the technology includes a split-flap sign.

“It’ll kind of take you back to an old scoreboard something like that, or maybe a train station. We have rolling messages going on, funny things, trivial things,” he says. 

In addition to those messages, Ledford says they’ll be able to put live scores in there during games. This location will also add a separate to-go area, with a new twist.

“We’ll be featuring a grab and go menu, which is basically your salads, cold sandwiches and some warm slices so you can grab and go. Get those things at the counter and be in and out quickly,” he explains. 

The current location's staff will move over to the new one when it opens on July 18. Despite this, Ledford says they are still hiring for all positions. You can visit their current location at 1167 Broad Street from 2-4 p.m. to apply in person. You can also click here to apply online. 

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