HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WFXG) - FOX54 was first on the scene Thursday morning when FBI agents aided the Assembly of Prayer Church off of Old Tobacco Road. 

Agents stayed on the scene for hours Thursday as they came in and out of the building several times. A mother of a member of the church, who didn't want to be identified, tells FOX54 that the church needs to be shut down. 

“It’s like they have took my child away from me. These people have took my baby away from me," she says. 

Investigators remain tight-lipped about what they were looking for inside the church. Neighbors who live nearby tell FOX54 they have been concerned about the activity at this church several times in recent months. Saying they would see people coming at all hours of the day.

This comes as the FBI raided another church, Assembly of Prayers located in Hinesville, Georgia.

The mother says her son has been attending the church for over a year. Worshiping at the church several times of the day, at all hours of the day. 

She says she was most recently upset when she claims the church gave her son medication to "help him sleep." This is something she says he did not need. 

The church admitted to taking him to the doctor, but that was it. 

“I said you took my son to see a doctor? Who is this doctor? I said who is this doctor you took my son to see? He could never tell me,” she recalls. 

FOX54 reached out to the church several times for comment on the investigation, but they have not returned our calls for comment.

One member of the church tells FOX54 that he was interviewed by the FBI for several hours Thursday. When asked about what the FBI asked him about he says, "they asked about a lot of things." 

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