WASHINGTON (WFXG) - Democratic Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock spoke out Wednesday after President Biden joined him in calls to suspend the federal gas tax. 

"This is a temporary response to an extraordinary situation," Warnock tells FOX54. 

Warnock introduced legislation in February that would waive federal gas taxes until the end of 2022. Critics of gas tax suspension legislation say there isn't evidence that the savings would then be passed along to consumers. Senator Warnock says that is built directly into the legislation that he has introduced. 

“Part of what this legislation does is it directs treasury to ensure that these oil and gas companies are passing the savings on to consumers rather than pocketing them," he says. 

In addition to suspending the federal gas tax and requiring the tax savings to be passed along to consumers, the Gas Prices Relief Act would also direct the Treasury Department to transfer funds to the Highway Trust Fund to make sure that fund remains intact. 

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