AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - A local cybersecurity company just celebrated a new chapter. IntelliSystems opened a new facility on Wheeler Road in Augusta. Staff call it a living technology lab.

“This actually, we’re starting our 30th year this year so it’s pretty celebratory.” said Kevin Wade, IntelliSystems CEO. 

What may look like an office on the outside is actually what Wade considers an innovation hub.

“We have a place that our people our proud of, I think. They enjoy coming to work to this, now. We generate 25,000 watts of solar power on the roof, so we’re able to 25 kilowatt hours that we generate every day. We also did things like all LED lighting, we have a super-efficient air conditioning system, sound masking so private conversations stay private.” said Wade.

Wade hopes to develop some of these features for others, soon. One of his ideas - lights through computer wiring.

“Like, you walk through the grocery store and you walk down the aisle and the lights pop on as you go down.” said Wade.

His team also aims to develop artificial intelligence enhanced security systems.

“For example, if we wanted to show every tag number that left the parking lot, we can pull up a tag number and verify who was here.” said Wade.

Ultimately, Wade hopes IntelliSystems new home can advance the company's cybersecurity research.

“We want to be able to experiment with different things that we want to be able to market, to be quite honest with you. It helps us learn and understand all the nuances of a product.” said Wade.

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