AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Aurubis, a multi-medal recycling plant, broke ground on its new facility in Augusta on Friday. This as the German-based company is set to make the biggest international investment in the state of Georgia. 

The company says they hope to open its doors at the Augusta Corporate Park in January 2024, bringing 120 new jobs to the area. 

CEO Roland Harings says his company is excited to be opening its new facility in the CSRA. 

”We take these in our furnaces, they’re specialized furnaces, we treat them in a very complicated process to extract down and separate the metals,” Harings says. 

Governor Brian Kemp was at Friday's groundbreaking after he and other state and local leaders worked to secure the Aurubis investment. 

“This company is going to be leading the recycling revolution, especially on the emerging EV marketplace that we think here in Georgia is going to be tremendous,” Kemp says. 

Some have questioned the environmental impact that a plant like this might have on our area, Governor Kemp says he disagrees.

“This is one of the cleanest companies of its kind in the world and we’re excited to have them in Georgia,” he says. 

Commissioner Brandon Garrett, whose district will be home to the new plant, shared a similar reaction.

“They’re bringing European technology to Augusta. Europe has far more stringent environmental restraints on their industries like this," Garrett says. "The fact that they’re bringing this to America, you know, it makes me feel good.”

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