AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis gave his final state of the city address at Augusta Technical College Thursday evening. Davis highlighted several of his accomplishments from his time as Mayor, which he says included navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and making a $15 minimum wage for city employees. 

“I’m proud tonight to talk about the work this Commission did in passing, swiftly the $15 dollar living wage minimum for all employees,” Davis says. 

He says in addition to those increased wages, investments in the city's infrastructure have made it have the strongest transportation network in the state of Georgia. 

“Just over this past year alone, we’ve invested $87 billion in infrastructure projects, projects that will make a difference for generations of Augustans to come,” Davis says. 

Davis also touted growth in the city’s downtown area, discussing the billions of dollars in private investments in the area in recent years.

“In 2021 alone, we had a net gain of 53 businesses on the Broad St. corridor, three business expansions, to the tune of $83.1 billion of private investments,” he says. 

Mayor Davis also took time to recognize Commissioners who will be leaving after their current term, including Commissioners Dennis Williams and Ben Hasan. He also took time out to thank suspended and federally indicted Commissioner Sammie Sias for his service to the city. 

“It’s important for us to recognize his service to the city not just to this nation, but for all that he’s done,” Davis says. 

Sias was suspended from his position on the Augusta Commission by Governor Brian Kemp late last year as he awaits a federal trial on charges that he lied to a federal agent and destroyed public documents in a federal investigation. 

Despite all of this, Mayor Davis says the city of Augusta's future is bright. 

“The state of our Augusta is strong, the road ahead is brighter than it’s ever been,” he says. 

So what does the Mayor have planned after he leaves office on Jan. 2, 2023? Mayor Davis tells FOX54 he is planning on resting for a few months, but that his future is bright as well. 

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