COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. - Deputy Gary Morgan has been with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office for several years.

For Morgan, it's a chance to patrol the same neighborhoods he played in as a child.  

“My parents grew up right over off Hereford Farm," Morgan said.  "I grew up over there.  Lived in Columbia County most of, basically my adult life."

Morgan had hopes of following his family into the Marines, but asthma prevented him from being accepted to the Corps. 

Morgan said, “I still wanted to serve in some way what can I do?  I thought about it a little bit and I said hey you know what, I’m gonna go into law enforcement.”

But his career in law enforcement would take him away from his parents and the neighborhood he grew up in.

"Before Columbia County I was a crime scene investigator with Sandy Springs Police Department up in the metro Atlanta area," Morgan said.  "Before then I was a patrol officer at the Dekalb County Police Department.”

Morgan is married with a daughter who will be two this coming August.  He says his biggest concern is his wife getting that dreaded knock on the door.  

“There is definitely a fear of you know, I’m either hurt or worse, killed in the line of duty and leaving my family behind," Morgan said.  

However, Morgan said that doesn't stop him from doing the job he loves, protecting and serving.  

Morgan said, “There aren’t too many jobs where you are somebody’s last ray of hope.  When all else falls through, they call you.”