AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise both locally and nationally, but Dr. Rodger MacArthur with Augusta University says the numbers aren't alarming him at this time. He says the key metric of hospitalizations remains low.

“Whatever is happening in the community hasn’t yet hit the hospitals, and I think that is really good news,” he says, 

Despite rises in cases, data from the CDC shows that almost all of the CSRA remains in a low COVID-19 transmission area. 

“The cases aren’t going away, they’ve gone down in large part because more and more of us have some degree of immunity," he says. 

Even though cases remain low, he says everyone should still be taking preventative measures against COVID-19.

“Now would be a great time to get vaccinated, and not just a first time or a second time, but get up to date on your booster shot as well,” Dr. MacArthur says. 

Aside from vaccination, he provided advice to make sure that you and your family remain healthy during the summer months. What if you're feeling sick, something other than just seasonal allergies? 

“You typically know there’s something different, feeling not so well. Be very careful about being around others,” Dr. MacArthur says. 

But if you do test positive, and fall under the high-risk category, he suggests talking with your physician about new treatments. 

“Contact your doctor and try to get on the pill that we’ve got available for making it less likely you’ll end up in the hospital,” he says. 

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