AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - If you’ve walked outside recently, it probably hasn’t taken you long to figure out that it’s hot. However, this week isn’t your standard heat! Some professions have to stay out in the high temps. They say, there are some ways they beat the heat than can also apply to you.

The CSRA is no stranger to heat. However, local officials want you to be extra cautious.

“They may be acclimated to it and they may be used to it, heat is really something you shouldn’t be messing with.” said Jason DeHart, Augusta Fire & EMA Public Information Officer.

DeHart says we are only seeing the beginnings of summer heat.

“We’re in the middle of June. This is, everything has been building towards this, and it’s going to be another two more months of pretty oppressive heat." said DeHart.

Augusta Fire & EMA says there are some general guidelines we can follow.

“Number one, water. Number two, staying inside as much as you can or find shade if you have to be outside for any reason. Number three, wear light and loose-fitting clothes."

Plus, watching how you feel becomes increasingly important as temperatures rise.

“At some point in time you may start to feel dizzy, lightheaded and really start to sweat and that may actually be some heat exhaustion kicking in.” said DeHart.

In fact, he says Augusta Fire & EMA takes additional precautions during oppressive heat.

“They’re [firefighters] wearing 65 pounds of gear, lugging their air tank around and everything else…Then, actually having to go into a burning building trying to put it out and staying hydrated. So, we have our own protocols and operational things to make sure firefighters stay hydrated." said DeHart.

Other professions also have to find ways to stay on top of safety.

“Hydration is key. You can have a heat stroke out here in an instant and it could come out of nowhere. We want to avoid those things, especially in a job like this when we are outside all day long." said Antonio Bridges, Brighter Side Roofing General Manager.

One way Brighter Side Roofing does it - planning ahead for high temps.

“Every morning, we have a safety meeting and of course we talk about the weather." said Bridges.

Bridges also says the precautions are important because of a busy season.

“A lot of times, the summers are a little more busier than holiday times, like Christmas. We usually keep business year-round, though.” 

Whether its responding to a fire, or repairing a roof, both professions offer other important takeaways.

“You wanna protect as much of your skin as possible. I know it may sound kind of weird, but you want to cover up your skin and not get sunburned.” said Bridges.

“A person may sit there and say I have a fan, but that fan is doing nothing but blowing hot air on them. If it’s 100 degrees plus, you’re putting your own health at risk doing that.” said DeHart.

If you are pregnant, elderly or have a chronic sickness, you could be extra vulnerable to the heat.  Dr. Janis Coffin with AU Health offers additional information about heat illness in the document below.


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