North Augusta's Greenway is a place you can take the whole family plus it won't cost you much.

Rick Meyer, the director of the Parks, Recreation and Tourism, explains the trail, “The Greenway is a natural trail in North Augusta that’s built off an old railroad right of way. It’s just cut through a gorgeous tree canopy which is what makes it so awesome.”

Meyer says the trees give enough shade so even on a hot day, you can enjoy some outdoor time. 

He says the Greenway allows you stay and active and engage with others, “Healthy people are happy’s a great way to exercise and to communicate with people in your community.”

Meyer says the trail averages 18,000 visitors a month and he says there's value in that.

“The number of people that come here from out of town just to ride the Greenway cause they heard about it there is economic impact from the Greenway,” says Meyer.

The Trail is open from dusk until dawn with three different places where you can hop on or off the trail.

The city says they're looking forward to the completion of the 13th Street pedestrian bridge which will connect the Greenway to Augusta.

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