EVANS, GA (WFXG) - We’re rolling into the summer months and it’s getting hot but there's a shop in Evans you can go to escape the CSRA heat.

DJR's Water Ice offers cold treats. Deon Jones, the owner, says, “Water ice is a non-dairy cold dessert. No dairy, no fat, no gluten, no high corn fructose syrup. We call it water ice because it’s 2 parts water vs one-part fruit syrup.”

You may know it as other names icee, Italian ice or shaved ice but in Philadelphia – they call it water ice.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur so I thought of water ice because I lived in Philadelphia for so long and every year I was one of those people patiently waiting in line for water ice to open for its season and I decided this would be something new and different to bring home,” says Jones.

She adds,“ It’s [water ice] made different and it tastes different and it has a different texture.” 

DJR's has a variety of flavors, “Our number one seller with young people, our children is cotton candy, blue raspberry, tropical rainbow. They love the colors. Tiger’s blood, mango."

Jones says the shop caters to the whole family,“ We have a signed wall that everyone gets to signed kids can’t do that at home.”

They opened their doors last October and are excited for their first summer in business. Jones says, “It’s really revved up a little bit but were looking to speed up because we’re adding the ice cream so we’ll see what happens.”

DJR's is located at 3118 William Few Parkway in Evans.

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