AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - There’s a new app going viral. NewProfilePic is getting a lot of traction on Facebook. But, cybersecurity experts say you may want to pause before you download.

You can find NewProfilePic in your app store. It’s free and popular. However, IntelliSystems says it might not be worth it after all.

"The lure of trending apps and the fun things that we find on the internet is strong.." said Kevin Wade, IntelliSystems CEO. 

A quick Facebook search shows thousands of people are talking about it. The app allows you to upload a profile picture and turn it into artwork. You have to give it some access to your data. Wade says watch out for this.

“It’s a rabbit hole when you give out your information for free.” said Wade. 

That’s because when it comes to cybersecurity nothing is ever really free.

“If it’s free to you, it’s costing someone else something. So, like we’ve told people a lot of times with Facebook over the years. It’s free to use Facebook, but you’re the product!” said Wade.

The app privacy policy is clear. It says "we may share data about our users with third parties for various purposes.” That means, your 'yes' allows the app to collect things like your name, email, username and social network information.  In fact, that new artwork can also be used for data retrieval.

“A lot of the ways these things work is trying to geometrically expand it. If I can get your information, I can get 100 of your friends and get them to give me their information.” said Wade.

NewProfilePic says it comes down to your permission.  

“Is it being used for criminal activity? Maybe, maybe not.” said Wade.

So, should you hop on the trend? Wade says in this case, it’s best to say no.

“Being able to secure your personal information is probably one of the best things we can do.” said Wade.

You can read the company's privacy policy in full here.  If you've already given the app these permissions, you do have options to opt-out, remove your personal information or delete your account.

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