AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Mirin Fusion Kitchen offers a mix of Asian-inspired dishes. Vivian Li, the assistant manager of the restaurant says, "We put all the ingredients together to make it very special, unique Mirin Asian Kitchen." Li says the restaurant fuses ideas from Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine. "It's very quick, very fresh and hot and we use a local source of ingredients," he adds. 

They opened 18 months ago and since then Li says a lot of people come in for this one dish, "Cheesy beef fries," Li says.

She adds, "This is classic I think it's very, very popular...It has Korean BBQ, beef, waffle fries with a Korean BBQ beef on top and the sauce siracha, yum yum sauce, scallions."

Some of the other fan favorites include, "This is Korean hep it comes with a base of white rice it has plenty of cheese, kimchi and corn. This is the spicy wonton it's one of the appetizers listed in our menu."

Li adds, "I just like to see that the customers are pleased with our food I feel very pleased and also working with such a great team make me feel accomplished..."

Mirin Fusion Kitchen is located at 630 Crane Creek in same plaza as the Sprouts.

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