AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Imagine having an idea that could change your community for the better. Thanks to the annual Innovate competition, 34 groups from across Augusta University got to share their ideas at the Georgia Cyber Center. But, only one team came out on top. 

The competition awarded top prizes March 31. Groups were challenged to share an idea that solves a problem in the community. This year, 320 students in 34 groups competed. After an initial round, only 10 teams advanced to finals.

The winning group was Team Fearless Inc. Members included Alexis Lanier from the College of Science and Mathematics, Kirsten Reid from the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences, DeAndre Cochrane from Hull College of Business and faculty mentor Roger Duke. The team won $5,000 and Duke got $1,000.

"We just did nothing but smile all the way back to campus!” said Kirsten Reid.

Reid says her team wants to help students impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have been ignoring the bigger picture of what the pandemic has really broken. While it has harmed us business-wise, industry-wise, but there's still hope for the smaller generation that was hurt by it which is the children. We wanted to push that pitch that there is still hope for them. So, we can make something that will give them that hope.” said Reid.

That's where the team's winning pitch "KanDo Board" comes in. Reid considers this an expanded version of a Kanban Board.

“It is just a circular-shaped radial board where it’s got three different circles. The outer ring, which is to do, the middle ring which is doing, and then right in the center is called done. Therefore, you see all of the accomplishments you’ve done and it continues to motivate you to add more to the center of the circle.”

Now, work begins to take KanDo to the next level.

“We have to create a virtual code for the product. That’s where my part of the major comes into play, which is cybersecurity and IT. Because we need to know how to create that virtually instead of physically.”

Next, comes copyright patent and licensing. Then, this project can enter the community. That's what Reid says she wants most.

“I just want to see it be used. I want to see if we can collect some data. I want to see if we can take it and actually broadcast it. We just want to look for different people who can help us right now.”

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