FORTY GORDON, Ga. (WFXG) - Honoring her parents is what led Caro Ortanez to join the army.

“I wanted to join the army to make my parents proud,” Ortanez said. But she also wanted to complete a goal she set out for herself.  “Finish my degree in Cyber-Security.”

Ortanez is not only a full-time soldier, but also a full time on-line student with the University of Maryland. Army basic training only consist of limited life saving lesson. But Ortanez has seen seizures first hand in her family. That’s exactly why she knew something was wrong with her roommate. 

“She had a slurred and stuttered speech, she ended up collapsing multiple times”, Ortanez said.

Her roommate was taken to the hospital, but discharged. Things only got worse from there.

Ortanez said, “That evening I found that she was having seizures in her sleep from the muscle spasms and just chewing on her tongue.”

Ortznez’s fast actions led to her roommate getting immediate care. “Without me or my battle-buddy, our other roommate Leah Hanstein there, I don’t think it would have been a pretty outcome.”

FOX54 salutes Private First Class Caro Ortanez.

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