EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Right now, a brand trending on the internet is baking its way to the CSRA. You may have seen Crumbl while scrolling social media. One of the owners of the new Crumbl location in Evans, Troy Akers says, “We’ve (the Crumbl brand) had over a million views on TikTok.”

Akers breaks down what Crumbl is. “It was a cookie brand that was started in 2017 in Utah by two cousins and since then it’s grown to 350 locations,” and now it’s making its way to Evans.

Akers says, “Essentially we’re a cookie shop, every week you can get six cookies five of which change weekly but we can also get you the classic chocolate chip cookie which Crumbl was founded on.”

Husband and wife team, Troy and Nancy Akers own the franchise. The pair says they wanted to open a business for awhile, “Once they told us about Crumbl, we went to Columbia and experienced it and we were like, we want to be a part of this brand.”

Originally the military brought the couple here in 2012, then they decided to come back and have been calling the CSRA home since 2017. “We thought, nothing better than to partner with CSRA over cookies,” says Akers.

Akers believes Crumbl brings something new and different to the area. “There’s lots of great sweet shops, we have great community partners that offer desserts but the thing that makes Crumbl so unique, every single week the flavors change. Who doesn’t love a cookie, but 170 different flavors?”

The pair hopes you'll try them out. “Crumbl’s brand is to bring families and friends together via the world’s best cookies. and these really are the best cookies.”

Crumbl is on Mullins Colony Drive, in the plaza with the Belk. 

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