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EAT.PLAY.GO. to Babycakes Café

April 12th, 5:29 AM EDT

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - FOX54’s Danielle Ledbetter shares what led one Augusta woman to open her sweet shop. It's called Babycakes Café.

Tiara Fluellen, the owner shares what makes her shop stand out, “I think the colors make it stand out when you walk in it’s very pink...if you’re having a bad day when you walk in here you see the bright colors and the bling and it immediately changes your day, brightens your day.”

Fluellen says Babycakes Café is a one stop sweet shop, “Although our specialty is cupcakes we have plenty other treats that we offer. From peach cobbler to cookie pudding…cheesecake bars…brownies…bundt cakes. Literally whatever sweet craving you’re having we can fulfill them. “

The foundation of Babycakes was laid throughout Fluellen’s childhood. She says, "The recipe comes from my mom, when I was younger I’d watch her bake and make this red velvet cake when she passed away I in turn started making it for my friends on their birthdays.”

After every celebration, she says, “My friends would encourage me, you know you’re kind of good, maybe you should do something with this.”

At first she started with the red velvet cake recipe and then she started venturing out into different flavors and she says that's when Babycakes was born.

Now, her menu is extensive but there's still one menu item that stands out. “Of course it’s going to be the Antonella‘s red velvet cake (named for her mom) I consider it to be a legacy cupcake and I know you can go on Google and find a red velvet cake recipe but I think mine is something very special [and] I think it’s meant to be, ”she says. 

Occasionally, Babycakes Café offers a light food menu including pasta and chicken salads. Babycakes Café is located at 604 Shartom Drive in Augusta.

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