AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - On Tuesday, Tiger Woods ended speculation by saying that he will play, "as of right now," in the 2022 Masters Tournament.  After practicing in the morning, Woods headed to the press building to address the media for pre-scheduled media conference.

 From Tuesday's press conference:

"Well, as of right now, I feel like I am going to play, as of right now. I'm going to play nine more holes tomorrow. My recovery has been good. I've been very excited about how I've recovered each and every day, and that's been the challenge. That's why I came up here and tested it out for 27 holes because we play the par-3 course. Charlie couldn't help himself. I was able to play 27 holes that day and at home testing it," Woods said.

He added, "But it's the recovery. How am I going to get all the swelling out and recover for the next day. My team has been fantastic and worked very hard. So we've got another day of nine more holes and then come game time."