AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG)- Bank of America partnered with the Augusta National Women’s Amateur and held the first of it’s kind “Play it Forward” golf clinic at First Tee Augusta.

If you can see it, you can be it. That was just one message female professional golfer, Suzy Whaley wanted to pass on to the kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Great Augusta at Sunday’s golf clinic. "It's more than just hitting a white ball. Golf has so many life lessons.”

Suzy Whaley has been playing golf nearly her whole life. She became the first female president of the PGA of America and wants to use her golfing legacy to inspire others to learn to play the game while also sharing some important life lessons. "The journey is what it's all about and learning that throughout your lifetime in golf is what we want them to realize is the fun part of it.”

More than thirty members of the club rotated between five different sessions while learning from world class female golfers. "I already knew it was going to be fun when we came here. So, I was really looking forward to it," says Jayda Bolden, a member of the Boys and Girls club of Greater Augusta.

One instructor, Megha Ganne, says she started playing golf at a First Tee. It all started when I signed up for these types of programs and clinics.”

Megha Ganne is an amateur golfer and this year she made her second appearance at the Augusta National Women’s Amateur.  Ganne says she is thankful for programs that First Tee offers because it helped shaped her passion for golfing. "I’ve loved being involved with them and to be here in Augusta this week is amazing because it’s a different community than I usually get to work with.”

Bank of America, Augusta National Women’s Amateur, and Boys and Girls club of Augusta officials wanted to use this golf clinic to spotlight female leaders both on and off the course. "We realize how impactful the women’s amateur has been at giving women athletes the national stage to help inspire the next generation," says Marissa Smith, marketing executive for Bank of America Augusta.

Organizers from Sunday’s event said they are planning for the clinic to become an annual event.

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