NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WFXG) - On Wednesday, Aiken Regional Medical Centers hosted its first hiring event to find potential candidates for their new free- standing emergency department, ER at Sweetwater.

A potential candidate, Kimberly Holloway, says she is excited to participate in an event such as this one to continue her journey in the medical field. "I want to put my degree to use," she says.

Holloway says after a taking a four year hiatus she has become inspired join the medical field once again. "I got into this field when my father had a massive stroke.”

After seeing her father suffer from a stroke in 1998, Holloway says she knew her calling was to help people. "I'm looking for anything close to what I graduated in so I can get back into the medical field.”

ER at Sweetwater officials said they are hiring for multiple positions including: emergency room nurses, x- ray technicians, medical technologists, and patient access representatives. "We’re pretty optimistic and hoping that coming into North Augusta we will have a good turnout and good candidates to join our team," says Aiken Regional Marketing Director Ashlee Brewer.

Brewer says as the number of COVID-19 cases continue to lower she is positive that people will enter the medical field once again. "We look at each other as family. You work with your family and you work with your team.”

ER at Sweetwater is anticipated to open summer of 2022. If you missed Thursday’s hiring event there still are ways to apply. You can click here. 

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