AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - The FBI has issued a new alert you need to know about: technical and customer support fraud complaints are increasing. Technical and customer support fraud is not new, but according to the FBI, it’s getting more prevalent.

Kevin Wade with IntelliSystems says despite its reputation, it’s something many fall victim to. “So, the question would be why do people keep falling victim to these things? Because a lot of them have been out there for a long time. Well, the quick answer is, because it works!” said Kevin Wade, IntelliSystems CEO.

Consider it like a scammer trying to impersonate a name or company you trust. “They may call, usually its unsolicited, so they’ll call and want to talk about maybe a compromised email, a bank account that they tell you is having a problem, maybe a virus on your computer,” said Wade. “They call and tell you that your windows operating system is infected and its sending out infections to hundreds of thousands of other people and they need to fix your computer to stop this,” said Wade.

In fact, scammers have already tried to impersonate a big brand: Microsoft.

While it may seem easy to spot, Wade says don’t underestimate the threat. “They play on your guilt. You’re thinking oh I have to help the nice Microsoft man because all these people are getting trash from my computer,” said Wade.

For a cybercriminal, all it takes is for one person to fall in the trap. “If you send out 10,000 hooks, you’re bound to get a bite. So, all It takes is one customer who loses five or ten thousand dollars and a crook has made a good living for a week,” said Wade.

If it happens to you Wade advises don’t engage. Instead, report suspicious activity to the FBI. Wade adds a reputable company will never cold call you and pressure you to act fast.

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