AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Many of us have busy lives but wellness experts suggest it’s important to take a moment out for yourself.

Owner of Be.You.Ti.Ful Aesthetics, Montonia Parker says, “it’s all about the experience, making individuals feel good about themselves.”

It’s a one stop shop – the suite houses Be.You.Ti.Ful. Aesthetics and House of Style boutique.

Parker says, “You’re not going to be wearing the same thing everybody else is wearing. She also has a large variety of sizes.” You can shop before you get your service, then on the spa side, “We offer a variety of spa services if you want to come in and just get a relaxing facial,” says Parker. 

She adds it’s a totally customizable experience, “I am an individual that focuses on beautifying the skin and correcting the skin and all around making people feel good about themselves.”

Montonia Parker says it's more than just beauty. It's about having a safe space to decompress. Parker says, “The mental health, wellness of it all that’s what our goal is, the mental well being. We want individuals to have a safe place to come.”

Be.You.Ti.Ful. Aesthetics and House of Style Boutique are located in suite 107 on 3450 Wheeler Rd.