(AUGUSTA, Ga) - The Veterans Administration Commission Report is out with a bold plan to consolidate the downtown and uptown Charlie Norwood VA Medical Centers. The report recommends a new “acute care tower” to consolidate and modernize services into a single site where there is the potential for growth and expansion. The downtown VA center was built in 1980 has infrastructure issues and would cost too much to bring up to current healthcare standards. The Augusta VAMC in uptown is more than 30 years old and the report says it doesn’t meet the standards because of the building’s layout. However, the commissioners report suggests moving the downtown facility into the uptown facility where there is more room for future expansion.

By expanding the Uptown VA, more rooms would be available for a variety of inpatient and outpatient services.

The commissioner’s report recommends relocating all services to the uptown VA where it believes quality of care will be improved and more modern health care will be made available to Veterans.

Read the report below: