NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WFXG) – The Larder is all about keeping it in the neighborhood.

The restaurant’s General Manager, Davis Watts, says, “We’re just a local neighborhood restaurant Hammond’s Ferry Larder in Hammond’s Ferry North Augusta. We specialize in tapas we do live music we do trivia we are about to fiesta Friday which will be fun.”

It’s tucked away in the middle of North Augusta’s Hammond’s Ferry neighborhood.  Watts says, “It’s really a community place more than most places in the area a lot of the people in the neighborhood come here. We basically know everyone’s names everyone knows our names.”

The Larder opened five years ago, “It was started by Manuel Vernay-Carron which is the owner of Manuel’s it was started by him as a side project,” says Watts. He continues, “It’s called The Larder because it’s small as you can tell and a larder is a small room to keep things cold.”

This local spot’s menu features some pub-like mainstays like wings and burgers but Watts says it’s much more than that, “There’s so many good things on the menu. The chicken and goat cheese sliders stay my favorite thing on the menu.”

They also have craft cocktails. Watts says,” Mary Jane is muddled strawberries, St. Germain and it’s got prosecco so it’s nice and refreshing, it’s always a great drink to have.”

Watts says if you’re in town make sure you stop by and say hey, “We are a local business so it’s great for our community to come support us and we really appreciate that.”

The Larder is located 89 Crystal Lake Dr. in North Augusta. They’re open Wednesday through Friday from four pm to nine pm and Saturday and Sunday ten am to nine pm.

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