AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Every 40 seconds, ransomware attacks a business. However, according to IntelliSystems, 92 percent of security breaches could have been prevented by proper cybersecurity training. That's because employees are often targets for cybercriminals.

“You can do all the things with virus protection, firewalls, but if employees are not trained - people are the weakest links in our companies.” said Kevin Wade, IntelliSystems CEO. 

Threats come in many forms. Some of those include weak passwords, phishing emails and methods like spear-phishing. Spear-phishing occurs when emails include real names of people you know.

“They [employees] get an email. It says hey I’m at a customer site, I need a gift card for a gift for this customer, will you run out and get a gift card? It needs to be $1,000.” said Wade.

Wade warns if your employees are not trained, your business could become one of the statistics.

“It’s an ongoing moving target. That’s the whole zero-day threat buzzword that’s out there now.” said Wade.

There is a way IntelliSystems can help. An employee awareness training program with coaching from cybersecurity experts could ensure your bottom line. However, it’s not a one time thing. Upon completion, Wade says you will need to make sure your employees can put their new skills to work.

“One of the other key aspects is to be able to test - to send some fake emails, let’s see who clicks on it. It’s kind of like a fire drill.” said Wade.

These breaches happen more often than you think.

“So many companies don’t report it, especially small companies. So, you don’t hear about it on the news. You hear about the targets and the, you know, Colonial Pipelines and the big names, but the small companies, doctor practices, law firms, accounting firms...It's embarrassing and costly if they had to report it, but it's happening." said Wade.

IntelliSystems reports 61% of businesses say data theft and cybersecurity breaches are the greatest reputation risk. Wade urges you not to underestimate the capabilities of cybercriminals. 

“It’s not like a high school kid sitting in the basement of their parents house. These are criminals and they make a living at this and they are very good at it. Some of them are in our country, some of them are not.”

Under the IntelliSystems program, more training can be offered if your employees fail the drill. To learn more about cybersecurity risk management at IntelliSystems, follow this link.

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