AUGUSTA, Ga (WFXG) - Mike Murphy is the owner of Murphy Auto Group, also known as Miracle Auto Group.

From the outside looking in, it would appear that Murphy has it all.  The "heir to the throne" of a car dealership empire his father Dennis Murphy started before Mike was born.  


But nothing was given to Mike Murphy and his family was not born into wealth.  

Dennis Murphy grew up in South Florida, where most people fished for pleasure and sport.  However, Dennis and his family fished to have food on their table of their 800 square foot home.  

Dennis turned to baseball as a child, which would shape the future of his adulthood and change his family's world.

“My grandpa couldn’t read or write, but somehow he was able to sign my dad’s rights to the Dodgers out of high school," Mike Murphy said.

Dennis would go on to play several years, even as a member of the World Series Los Angeles Dodgers, before returning to South Florida. 


Dennis Murphy began to sale cars, unbeknownst to him at the time, Dennis was on the way to building something to pass along to his son.

Mike Murphy said, “My uncle said the only reason the Murphy's got in the car business was because my Uncle Larry lost a bet, and had to sell used cars for 30 days.” 

Mike Murphy began working for his dad at the age of fourteen.  But Murphy says, he wasn't moved into the corner office immediately.

"I couldn't drive cars, but he figured out I could wash them," Murphy said.

Dennis and Mike's mother divorced, leading to Mike spending a lot of time with his father. 

The two shared everything together as they worked to build the Murphy Auto Group empire. 

Little did the father and son know, they would be dealing with a race against time.


"It was a Tuesday and he goes hey Mike, you know that blood pressure thing we keep chasing and we can't figure out why it's so high," Mike Murphy said.  "Um, the doctor thinks I’ve got cancer you, probably should get home.”

Doctors said the diagnosis was grave, Dennis Murphy was given only two to three years survival.  

However, Dennis Murphy fought his disease for thirteen years.

“Sometimes, most of the time, you’re gonna have to play hurt," Mike Murphy said. "Um, the guy didn’t miss a day of work his first 10 years battling cancer.”

Dennis Murphy lost his battle with cancer on August 28, 2020.  


Inspired by his father's will to survive despite what the doctors told him, Mike Murphy changed the family name of the business to "Miracle."

Mike Murphy said, "When God speaks there's clarity there's an absence of doubt."  

That absence of doubt led Mike Murphy to write a book about the lesson his father taught him in life and in business. 

"Dennisisms" is available on Amazon and a free copy is given out for any new car purchase at any of the Murphy dealerships.  

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