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EAT.PLAY.GO. to Sarge's Soda Shop

January 19th, 7:55 AM EST

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - Brother and sister, Melissa Kerstetter and Josh Perkins opened Sarge’s Soda Shop a month ago in honor of their family.

Kerstetter says, “We lost both of our parents in a three-year span and my brother and we decided we needed to do something more family oriented, keep the family together and something to make us happy because both of our jobs weren’t making us happy.”

When you walk in, you'll see military plates on the wall. The plates are there for their brother who was in the military. 

At Sarge’s Soda Shop, you can create your own soda flavor. They have tons of flavor mix-ins and different ways to make a drink your own.

Perkins says, “Sarge’s Soda Shop is a fun place. It’s kind of off the 50’s style soda shop. It has checker floors. It has a bar. We have treats, cookies, popcorn. We have awesome sodas and our specialty is sodas.”

He explains the keys to a perfect drink, “Soda machines are called cold plates and the soda runs up underneath the cold plates so it comes out very cold and I like to tell people you can feel the burn better.” 

They have drinks named for their family members. Kerstetter says, "The most popular is the 'Big Jim' which is named after my father that died and it is the root beer, butterscotch, toasted marshmallow all mixed together.”

Another fan favorite is 'The Dairy Princess.' It's made with orange soda, vanilla and cream.

Sarge’s Soda Shop is the perfect spot to take your whole family and for owners Melissa Kerstetter and Josh Perkins that’s what it’s all about and making their parents and brother proud.

Sarge’s Soda Shop is located at 5155 Columbia Road in the Food Lion shopping plaza in Grovetown. The shop has a drive thru and if you’re looking for something on the lighter side they have flavored waters drinks made with diet sodas.

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